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Manage GST Rates of Goods and Services Through HSN Code Rate Finder

What Is HSN Code? How Can HSN Code Be Described Under GST?

HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, an intelligent system which is developed by World Customs Organization. This international product nomenclature system came into effect in 1988. It helps us to know the category of a good under which it has been systematically and logically being classified under the eco-system of GST.

Some Features of HSN Code:

The classification of a product under HSN is done to simplify the tax process. The product categorization facilitate taxpayer to recognize the suitable tax rate of a particular product in the country. Following are the HSN code features:

  • HSN is a 6-digits code.
  • It equally classifies 5000+ products
  • The products classified under HSN code are accepted worldwide.

Working Module of HSN Code Search Tool

  • Commodity Groups – 50000
  • 50000 Commodity – Assigned with a 6-digits code.
  • 6-digits code arranged in structured & logical way.
  • Code gives uniform classification.

Virtues of Harmonized System of Nomenclature

  • Easy classification of goods from across the globe.
  • Cerebral and systematic product classification.
  • It maintains and matches with international standards of trade.

Implication of HSN Code in India

Brief History – Before GST

  • Since 1971 India has been a part of World Customs Organisation (WCO)
  • For commodity categorization it used to take 6-digits HSN for CSE.

After GST

  • Added two more digits for detailed classification.
  • Now HSN code of commodity in India is of 8 digits.

Indian Provision of HSN Code

With the emergence of GST in India the need to find GST Rate of HSN code also arises. Following are the situations which helps you to search the GST Rate of HSN code.

  • Turnover till 1.50 Rs – No need to declare HSN Code
  • Turnover >1.50 Cr. To 5 Cr. - You mention two digits HSN code.
  • Turnover> 5 Cr. - Mention 4 digits HSN Code.

HSN under GST and its Significance

  • HSN Code List and GST Rate Finder make eco-system of GST well-structured and globally accepted.
  • No need to upload detailed description of goods with HSN code.
  • Make GST return filing easier. Automated and time efficient.