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Let's move ahead and discuss GSTN Number/GST Number and other necessary details.

Understanding What is GSTN or GST Number?

To understand what’s GSTN Number lets us look not into the distant past of Taxation history.

Before GST

  • Under the state VAT law, all registered dealers were assigned with Unique TIN no. by state tax authority, and
  • Service providers were assigned with service tax registration number by CBFC (Central Board of Excise and Custom).

After GST

  • A strong single platform is provided to all registered taxpayers under the single authority.
  • All business are offered a unique GSTIN (Good and Services Tax Identification Number).

How Can Online Verification of GSTIN Be Done?

The Good and Services Tax Identification Number plays a crucial role in getting the GST details of a particular company. Through GSTN number checker tool by Taxner you can also check the authentication of the GST number to see if it's correct or not.

Steps for GST Number search through our GSTIN Verification Tool

  • Enter GSTIN of a registered taxpayer.
  • You will receive GST search details of the entered number.
  • You can check details such as Legal Name of Business, Date of Registration, Taxpayer Tyle, Date of Cancellation and Nature of Business Activities, that are just to name a few.

Understanding The Structure of GSTIN

After all these brainstormings, about GSTIN, its verification and searches its time to understand the format and structure of Good and Services Tax Identification Number.

The number is of 15 digits and is provided to each registered taxpayer state-wise.

  • First 2 Digits – Unique State Code
  • Next 10 Digits – PAN Card Number of TaxPayer.
  • The 13th Digit – Number of Registration Within a State with Same PAN Number.
  • The 14th Letter – Default (Could be Any Letter)
  • The 15th Digit – For Check Code (Could be Alphabet or Number)

Is There Any Other Way of Getting the Company’s Details?

For the time being, details can be obtained through GSTN number. So, Yes! You can acquire GSTIN No. By searching company’s name.

In Case of Fraud / Illegal GSTIN

Contact - | +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999.

What is The Difference Between GSTN and GSTIN?

GSTN or the Good and Service Tax Network is an organization that takes care of whole IT system of GST Portal.

On the other hand, GSTIN is a unique tax registration number that comes under GST.